Cost to perform this pooja: Rs.16,000/-

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Specifically suitable for: Kandaka (Saturn) Dosha

Sani is the son of Surya. It can make a person king or beggar, according to the one’s karmas. This deity is most sought out among all the planets. A prayer to this deity will solve the problem of evil power and hardships in excess of determination have to be faced during bad times.

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Even in your absence, with all the care and solicitude, we can arrange this pooja for you at Annapurna Charitable Trust, Diwancheru, Rajahmundry, E.G. Dist., Andhra Pradesh. As a message of thanks and proof, we email to you the live digital photographs of pooja performed.

If you are interested, fill up the following request-cum-order form and submit it online. Once the form is submitted, the Event Coordinator will contact you by phone to acknowledge the order and to have a word about the payment options.